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Last thoughts
Accidentally smearing black shoe polish on brown boots = New black boots for Yoj!

Well, I'm mostly packed and ready. After inspecting and re-coloring my boots, I've decided that I need to buy new insoles and laces tomorrow morning. Can't be tromping about a construction site with bad footwear now, can we?

Gonna be busy busy busy tomorrow! Off to buy shoe things and then to church for band practise, then leading the worship service in church, then running out, changing clothes, jumping into a taxi for the airport and then flying off to Hyderabad.


See y'all in a bit!

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Be safe and remember the words of Paggie's moomy:
"Life is weird. You need to protect your feet."

Have fnu in Sunnisunny Andra Pradesh!

:waves seeya l8r, d00d:


::hugs:: have fun, be safe, and take loads of pix!

good luck in the land of HOT!

hot food, hot climate (but knot so much in winter, i guess)
andhra is something special (as is most of nindia... nazwaz, glad you get to see it).

toodle-oo yodge. be happy. may your shiny shoes deflect soccer balls the 'right' way...

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