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Bewildering Barf
I ate something off on Saturday night and spent early hours of Sunday puking my insides out. And I noticed just this morning (since I didn't spend too much time preening on Sunday) that I have what appears to be some bruising or little dots of popped blood vessels in the corners of my eyelids... It's really quite interesting. I thought it was eyeliner or something that I didn't clean off and spent a moment poking and scratching at it trying to clean it off only to realize that it was my skin.

The power of puke to make your eyes pop!!!


Going to bed.

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you truly have a most amazing power

i bow before you, deeply...
(oooewww, the smell!)
hurrah, some of your skill may have been transferred to meep.

Hmm how does this correspond to the weird food discussion we had in TEUNC? ;)

sadly, it doesn't, coz the culprit was a very ordinary piece of fried chicken, which was a lille undercooked, i think. and i think i've been sorta ill generally for the past couple days, so it didn't take much to get me hurling. :P


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