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Rummaging Through the Archive of Cute...


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I am a Yoj! Like my father before me!

Where are the decapitated kittens and teddy bears!?

The people demand to see the ensuing carnage...


[anime Weebl]
[/anime Weebl]

I am Zolthar! Fear me!

Re: I am a Yoj! Like my father before me!

Decapitated kittens and teedy bears?! Noooo!

I noly attax eople!! Knot innosent lille teedies.


Yeah. But a cute Domo-kun. Only twice as evil.

I am Zolthar! Fear me!

dknot tell me you're playing with the coconut *again*!

*looks closer*

wlokay, you're knot. good.

LOL. Who dared to take the photo..?

Hahaa, I have no idea... probably my Dad. :)


I tole yew eople.
Lille harmless poison, my patootie!

Sooo... many... TEETH!

So does that thing light up, yew Sith bebe, yew?


I have no idear if it lit up. Lathough I suspect it did. I think it was my brother's... must've stolen it from him... since goond grils dknot plaz with weepuns.


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