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Timewarps & Soap
Staying home is bad. There's this television, and it plays The Bold & the Beautiful every single day. I watched half an episode yesterday, and about 15 minutes today, and I don't understand it at all. All the characters seem to live in a time-space warp. I mean, the show moves sooooooo... slooooooooooowly... for example, there were about 6 conversations and family spats going on at the same time yesterday, and today most of the conversations are still going on, and none of the characters have changed their clothes, so obviously we're still watching the same 'day' in TV Land.

HOWEVER... I'm trying to figure out how all those characters managed to have so many children and get them so OLD, if time moves this slowly. I mean, I remember The Bold & the Beautiful from when I was about 8, and I never really watched it, but I distinctly remember the blonde woman (Brooke) being childless and kinda desperate. And now, 12 years later (yes, it's been that long but I still remember the bits and bobs I saw as a sproglet - aren't children amazing?) and she has these GROWN UP children who are married.


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It's on just before the news here, so I often get to see the last 5 minutes.
They save money on the show by recycling all the people and their partners. I think Brooke has been married to every male in the show except her own children, and then...who knows?
Ron Moss (Ridge) was over here with his band, and had an interview on the telly. I've never been a fan at all, (I thought he looked like one of the Thunderbird characters) but was really impressed with him in the interview. They don't take themselves seriously at all, and ham it all up to stay sane during practises, which are extremely few.

Ron Moss (Ridge) was over here with his band, and had an interview on the telly.

Forgot about his band completely. Whenever I see the video for "Baby Come Back" with him in his cute little 70s red overall I throw a hysterical fit. It's so awesomely ridiculous.

They don't take themselves seriously at all

With the what's that smell look at the end of every serious scene. ;)

I am Zolthar! Fear me!

I would love to watch a tape of their hammy rehearsals! tee hee!

Oh, it's been 5 days since that first episode i wrote aboot, and it's now only the next morning.



The time goes faster on weekends.

lol, i think that's the only credible explanation!!

i think i'm beginning to get addicted. ack!


..I think I'm getting addicted to that "what's that smell" look that hempknight mentioned! At the end of every episode, just before the news comes on, I'm positive they have a competition for *who can look the most ridiculous this week*.
The funniest one I saw was this old guy, Eric I think his name is, looking in at the window and seeing two people snuggling. The look on his face was so stupid, I cracked up and was rolling around on the sofa with tears streaming ..it was supposed to be "shock, horror"...but it was hilarious.

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