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Things That Annoy Yoj On Her Travels

I was walking to the train station early this morning and this man passed and stepped in front of me. Now, he was wearing a very nice cologne and smelled very nice, all fresh from the shower and nicely combed and cologned, and it was a cool sunny morning and he smelled very, very pleasant. I was just thinking "Hmm, what a nice-smelling man!" and was getting cheery at the prospect of walking behind him all the way to the train, when I was rudely enveloped in a cloud of cigarette smoke. And it was coming from HIM. His chimney spew began pouring over his shoulder and straight at me, so I ended up having to zig-zag around trying to avoid the cloud, then picked up the pace and overtook him before I began to smell like a used ashtray.

Why do perfectly nice-smelling people RUIN things like that?

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