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So we went to the zoo and took lots of pics for our project (the Bluetooth thingy)... pics of animals and crowds and vending machines and sweaty grumpy toddlers.

I like the Singapore Zoo. It's one of the best zoos in the world and just gorgeous and lush and tropical and it's pretty, darnit. Anyway, here's a picture of me in the one of the three walls of the open-air bathroom, which is open to the elements and features a fishpond and rock pool and trees and is completely lit by sunlight. I love the zoo loos.

Zoo Loo

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The husband and I just love zoos. During our honeymoon, the husband and I visited the Memphis Zoo (I hadn't been in a while, and I don't think he'd ever been). The St. Louis Zoo is awesome, and I really need to revisit the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans again.

I'd go to San Diego, just for the zoos. Zoos rule!

I've been there. It's great!

I'd go to San Diego, just for the zoos. Zoos rule!

i went to SeaWorld... does that count?

I never understood the whole Shamu business tho.


i went to SeaWorld... does that count?

I think so. I liked SeaWorld, but then again, I've always loved aquariums as much as I love zoos.

If you haven't been to Busch Gardens, you need to go there, too.

Who could concentrate in *animals*, when you go around looking like TAHT?!? ;-P

i know! i'd be fleeing in terror too!! it's a wonder that mirror didn't shatter.


LOL! I was thinking the same thing myelf... She looks gorgeous eh?

Sew much that it makes me froget the pain in my toe - for a second anyway... *nirg*

It's one of the best zoos in the world and just gorgeous and lush and tropical and it's pretty, darnit.
... terms which could quite easily be applied to the inhabitant depicted in your photo above.

Well, not "lush".


please stop. it's embarrassing and stupid, especially since i know i'm not. I'M FAR AWAY IN THE PHOTO. there's a REASON.

gah! bah! hrrmph!

i is far from gorgeous / gorgeous from far.

/me rolls eyes and storms awaz.


Handsome is as handsome does

*sends you a singing mirrorgram*

(It's "Reflections", yesh, but knot Christina Aguilera.
Is she still banned in Tieland?)


i is far from gorgeous / gorgeous from far.

Sorry, dear. The mob has spoken. And I agree with the mob. Which is never a good sign.

I suggest you start running about....NOW!

Danger is my middle name

(Deleted comment)

Re: Miwwo, Miwwo, in the loo....

that has GOT to be it, because i'm so far away in that pic i don't understand how nazone can think nazthing.


/me will wear bloo to the loo nexxt time.


I'll have yew know...

... I dknot particularly liek pink. So methinks KNOT.

Haven't yew seen Terminator or naz of those moovies where images are enhanced using various digital filters? I can see her fine! There ain't nuffink rong with my neyes, thnak yew vert muchly.

So there. Thppbbt.


Ahhh, I've just read the rest of the comments. You're outvoted

Awwwwwww, enuuugh!! If Yoj wants to be famed for her Inner Beauty, then we should respect that! :-)
(Ps. well, I tried)

I'm going to be semi-serious here for a moment.

If your friends seem to be suffering under a mass delusion that you're pretty, even when you know darn well you're not, you have two main choices.

You can insist that you're not, which, repeated often enough, sends a message that you're modest. Or shy. Or fishing for compliments. Or unable to see your own beauty.

You can sigh, and accept the fact that fate saw fit to surround you with people who are crazy or blind or both, or who ascribe physical prettiness to you based on their pleasure in your company. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all that.

Either way, I think you're going to have to come to terms with this. Because we do see beauty when we look at you.

When you insist that there's nothing there, you are, in effect, trying to downplay, even negate, the beauty that we see. And that's sad. There is much beauty in this world, but at times it seems that precious little of it is appreciated.

Let us appreciate your beauty. Please?

Re: Joy, sweetie...

thank you. *sigh*

oh alwight.

/me strikes a pose.


/me tackles Bana afore he can say anything.

Cruel Yowie, leave those poor poses be

/me tackles Bana afore he can say anything.
/me does the Clark Kent thing and runs a quijillion circles around myng_rabbyt, nobuddy69, hempknight, sui_degeneris, jereeza, barahirion and carida_46 afore nobuddy69 can get him, returning to his position.



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