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My NYC/Toronto trip is looking better as the US dollar weakens.

In other news, I've realized that it rains every day I play Jonny Lang's Still Rainin' in the morning.

I must control the weather!

*prepares for world domination*

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*prepares for world domination*

Can I be your assistant? I'd wear a Mexican wrestler mask and call myself El Grapadura.

Danger is my middle name

NYC/Toronto? When? Sounds like an opportunity for a mini-moot somewhere along the way!

aye! haven't firmed up naz plans yet, though. i'll announce when I do!! :)


Toronto is 90 minutes by car from my house. Care to meet up? And, if you're driving from NYC to TO, you're welcome to stay here for a spell. :)

i probably won't be driving, not having a license (and even if i had one I wouldn't dare drive in the US because you all drive on the wrong side...) but it would indeedy be cool to meet up. I may be doing it backwards - going to Canada first and 'visiting' NYC... i'm not sure yet. (although it probably won't happen that way because it's a few hundred bucks cheaper to fly to NYC than Toronto.)

argh - so many options...


lol...well, let me know when you've got an itinerary down, and we'll see what we can arrange. :)

(Deleted comment)
dunno dunno dunno... i'd love to, being a history buff and having a thing aboot cheesesteaks, but i can't say anything for sure yet. i'll definitely drop by your scawwy 'hood if i do, tho. ;)


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