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...is it okay to wear a bikini by the pool but not okay to walk into the living room in your underwear?

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... nobuddy69 asking fro pictures in 5... 4... 3... 2...

I walk around my living room in my underwear, but that's acos there's no one there to give me a hard time aboat it. IIRC, Yoj, you have a roomie?

I think the amser is that by the pool, there might be penguins.


(Deleted comment)
Where I come from, they sell hot dogs in 5-piece packages, and hot dog buns come in 4-piece packages. Now THAT's mysterious. What am I supposed to do with that extra hot dog, eh?

Re: Calling it...

eat it, silly!!! i'd much rather eat a hotdog sans bun than a bun sans sausage.


Re: Calling it...

well yes, but that still doesn't answer the question, really. HMMM. Especially when bikini's nowadays can be teeeeny tiny, with less coverage than undies. Gah.

it's just odd.


well yes, but that still doesn't answer the question, really.

Meh. The pool area is a publicly designated area for one to flaunt one's wares. In other instance it all comes down to what one feels comfy with (and with whom). Evil bitch ex usta walk around here in nothing but her undies and none of us seemed to mind much. In fact, I didn't mind at all. *nudgenudgewinkwink*

Danger is my middle name

Not as long as the request for wet T-shirt piccies is still open... *g*

I sent him a wet t-shirt photo already, as he darn well remembers.

He's just being greedy.

How could I froget!!

*sbo* To crush my hopes&dreams in such a meany way! Some day I will send a jockstrap-piccie and then YOU will know how it feels...

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