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Can't finish this US Political History paper...

Analyzing the TV commercials from the two Nixon elections (1960 and 1968) and I'm getting a headache and I'm exhausted. Need sleep.

Although the Kennedy jingle is very catchy indeed.

Do you want a man for president who's seasoned through and through,
But not so doggoned seasoned that he won't try something new?
A man who's old enough to know -- and young enough to do?
Well, it's up to you! It's up to you! It's strictly up to you!

And the chorus!

Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy
Kennedy, Kennedy, Ken-ne-dy for me!

whispered excitedly:



(in stereo, you see.)

It's bouncy fun!

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Ohh...nurul here btw! In my ritual class, we assess the elections as a form of a political ritual, highly liminal, filled with bad mouthing and all that crap! WOOHOO!! Really interesting! heh! All the best for ya paper gal! Can't wait for the exams to come...and get it over and done with! MUahakakak! Me miss the movies! And our laughing sessions.
Luv ya YOj...

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