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Got me a...

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Hi from Sarah

There was a lot of stuff in the "procrastination post" so I'm leaving my comments here :). SCC and Jonny Lang? Cool beans. Haven't heard any of SCC's stuff since that green album. The one after the blue one. Haha. Visual learner. If you're a Jonny Lang fan does that predispose you to liking Hanson? Even just a little bit?

Okay well anyway. So you've joined I-Pod nation hey? Pretty! Uh. I'm going back to my paper. 6.5 hours until it's due...

Re: Hi from Sarah

Of course liking Jonny Lang predisposes me to liking Hanson!!!

Cute boys with good voices and bluesy dispositions = yay! ;o)


Have you discovered yet... It is the perfect subway (or tube train) survival tool. Coupled with noise cancelling headphones it even works on planes. : )

Re: Another ipoder

yup - that's exactly what i use it for! i'd been keeping a discman + 2 CDs in my bag since... well, middle school, and decided it was finally time to move on and get something smaller... now that i'm a big girl and sometimes need to carry lille handbags...

ain't growing up grand...? :oP


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