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We had an Indian adventure today!

First we went to an Indian (Tamil) church. It was really fantastic - the people were friendly, the music was exciting, and we didn't understand a word. But it was amazing.

Then we went for dinner in Little India. Now, Little India, on regular days, is generally a nice bustling little part of town with its fair share of Indian shops and restaurants and people. On weekends, half a million South Asian men (real statistics here) descend upon it and it turns into a glorious madhouse. And now that Diwali/Deepavali is soon upon us, it's all lit up and the stores are going crazy and it's so much fun.

Of course, everyone looked at us like we were growing trout out of our ears, because we were, 1) female, and 2) not Indian. And the waiter at the restaurant flirted with me. He whispered in my ear that he liked my laugh! That is the first time a waiter has whispered in my ear. Ha!

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