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Food Meme

Of the following, if you had to choose only one to consume for the rest of your life, what would they be?

1) Non-alcoholic drink
Cold chrysanthemum tea. I can drink GALLONS.

2) Alcoholic drink
Gin & tonic

3) Breakfast
Hot buttered toast... with scrambled eggs... or MARMITE! Or pancakes... or cheese omelettes... or or or... what a stupid question. Can't decide!!

4) Appetizer
Salmon sashimi. Or soft-shell crab.

5) Dinner dish
Chicken/mushroom cream casserole over rice.

6) Dessert
Rocky Road ice cream.

7) Snack
Salt & vinegar chips... or tom-yum instant noodles.

8) One other thing
I have a thing about french fries.


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