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Procrastination post

I'm supposed to be doing my reading for tomorrow's US Political History class... and Psycholinguistics too. But I can't be bothered.

I bought Steven Curtis Chapman's latest CD. He's one of the few artists I'll buy everything of, no matter what... just because I know he's so reliably good. (Other artists in the 'buy everything' category include Five Iron Frenzy, PFR, Cindy Morgan, Jonny Lang, P.O.D., Switchfoot, and Bobby McFerrin.) So... It's good, as expected. Great songwriting, and incredibly slick production this time (more money now that they're under EMI...) The instrumentation is thicker and... glossy. But there's something that bugs me about it. It's the guest appearances. Now, I'm all for musical guests on CDs--I think it's fun and keeps things interesting--but the way SCC (or his producers) used them was DUMB. He had three (THREE!) amazing guest artists appear on the album, Jason Wade (Lifehouse), Mac Powell (Third Day) and... wait for it... JONNY LANG (*swoon*). And did he really make use of these three amazing men? NO! They sing barely audible backup and Lang plays a great guitar solo that is basically drowned out by drums and electronic audio effects and noise. I was SO disappointed.



LiveJournal (or my friends' LJs at least) seems to be flooded with memage of late. So many memes, so little time! I can't resissssst......

I Love Procrastination:

Tell your friends about the following things that some of them would never have expected:

1. Book that you own
"What Shall We Name The Baby?"

2. Book that you've read
"What Shall We Name The Baby?"

3. Book that you have not read
'House Harkonnen' by Brian Herbert and some other guy.

4. Film that you've seen
'Driven', that rather odd Sylvester Stallone movie.

5. Film that you have not seen, but want to
The Princess Diaries. *duck*

6. TV show that you watch regularly, or used to
The original Batman series. (KA-POW!!)

7. TV show that you have no interest in watching

8. TV show that you would watch (or would have watched) if time permitted

The news.

9. Place that you have been

10. Place you would like to spend at least a couple of weeks, time and money permitting

10. Person you have met

THREE of my great-grandmothers. (Why are there 2 question 10s?)

11. Person you have not met, but would like to meet
I haven't met Leslie Nielsen. He'd be interesting to meet.

12. Trait of yours not related to your appearance
I touch my eyes a lot.

13. A non-obvious aspect of your appearance
Skinny ankles.

14. (Bonus for online friends who haven't seen your photograph) A conspicuous aspect of your appearance.
I'm Straits Chinese. (Chinese + traces of Malayan races)

15. Worst vehicle you or your family ever owned
A little red Daihatsu thing. I wouldn't say it was the worst, since we never really had anything bad, but it was certainly the smallest.

16. Pop cultural fad you have succumbed to (or escaped from)
I have successfully resisted the melodramatic calls of anime.

17. Cult phenomenon you have put off
Haven't put anything off. If I wanted to do it I would've already.

18. Longest you've ever gone without sleep
25 or 26 hours.

19. Longest you've ever slept
15 hours. (This can't possibly be surprising.)

20. Food you really didn't want to try but are glad you did
No such thing.
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