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Hi ho silver away!
I decided to clean my silver earrings when somebody was telling me about some great jewelry place to buy gold earrings, and I said "Oh, I prefer silver," and she looked at me funny and asked me why, then, was I wearing gold... when I wasn't.

So anyway, I've spent the last 4 hours (maybe 5, but who's counting) sitting in the living room polishing my silver jewelry. It's amazing how much effort it takes to rub the yellow and black off earrings. FOUR HOURS!!! I was watching TV and reading the newspaper at the same time, yes, but still... FOUR HOURS!!! This either means that I have too much silver jewelry (jewelry? jewellery? jewelery?) or that I am absolutely useless when it comes to cleaning stuff... My fingers are black. But yay! Now I have a bunch of lovely shiny sparkly silver!! It's SILVER!

I once read a novel about a woman named Silver. It was really dumb and predictable, as most novels with heroines named Silver are wont to be. Oh well.

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well done for the promotion of sparklies! for that, you deserve - clean, sparkly joolry! (which can be wirtten jewelry or jewellery. "jewelery" looks like kosher celery)

nayway. your silvery struff turns lellow when it's knot polished? you're vert lucky. mine turns black.

Well, silver turns lellow frist, and *then* black. You gotta catch it in the lellow stage!!


I prefer silver too. If I had known before I got a gold one, I would have got a silver wedding ring. I'm allergic/sensitive whatever, to gold and can't wear it anyway for long periods. So it lives in my make-up bag.
Actually, I have really cheap tastes in joolry. I only wear the cheap Navajo necklace, and the wooden 'bear' one, acos I love them the most. I'm too chicken to have my ears pierced...

> I'm too chicken to have my ears pierced

Piercing be FUN. I'm contemplating getting more done, actually. Although I *did* promise my moomy taht I'd stop at 3... But now 5 is loonking appealing! (not 4 though. don't know why.)


If you *really* don't want to do nay more polishing a little clear nail polish can do wonders to stop tarnish. Of curse if you don't mind a lil bit of polishing, you can use toothpaste, it works good! I don't think it matters what kind you use either, except I've never tried any of the gel ones. Just the ordinary white ones.

I like silver too. But now I wear lots of cords and leather and struff because the chains snag in my hair and that's really depressing.

Congrats on the cockroach death!

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