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Was so tired and disoriented this morning that I was about to take a cab to school (a $15 ride) so I wouldn't be late for a non-existent lecture.

No cabs came, so I thought I'd "skip" class, take a quick nap, and make the 1.5 hr journey to school by train/bus in time for my second class.

Only about 10 minutes before I arrived in school did I have a minor panic attack, was unable to remember what day it was, and then realize that I hadn't missed a single thing and was, in fact, perfectly on time for my first class.


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That happened to me recently, too, Yoj. I woke up really dizzy and started to freak out because I needed to be at work in two minutes. I threw on my clothes and was trying to rationalise which parts of my morning routine I could skip in order to make it in at a decent time...

Then I realised I was up an hour earlier than I needed to be, and wasn't working that day at all. Horrible feeling.

you were supposed to feel relief, elation... even joy.


Joy that I had temporarily lost my mind? Naah.

i don't mind losing my mind as much as losing 2 hours sleep for no reason...


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