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By popular (okay, just myng_rabbyt's) demand...

Note the way they are gathered around, admiring each other.

They'd look even better if the wood was painted white and sanded down to look old, but that's a project for another day.

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Ohmygoodness, I think you've just inspired me to do something with my kitchen chairs.

Must think about this...

But those chairs are fantastically fun looking.

Awesome job!

Re: They're lovely!

Thanks to lal fro your Yays! I quite liek them too.

But those chairs are fantastically fun looking.
We've just realized that they look like manic kindergarten furniture. Just... bigger.

And now they make the rest of the house look kinda drab... (we're all dark wood & white walls...)



Have you considered getting a bright colorful poster in those colors, framing it in that distressed white you are considering for the chairs, and hanging it in the dining room?

It's really hard to do color matching on the computer, but if you like the style and the colors are close enough, something like Picasso's Vase with Flowers might be perfect.

(From http://store.posterunlimited.com/benaa30104.html)

Something to think about, at any rate.

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