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Exercise Regimen
My new exercise program involves climbing up the stairs to my apartment on the 10th floor, if footwear allows.

It was okay today. Didn't even break a sweat. It was much easier than it was yesterday. But then I was carrying 4 litres of milk, meat, canned drinks, vegetables, and a can of hairspray yesterday. Now I know how much more difficult it would be to climb the stairs if I put on, say, 5-6 kilos. Yoikes!!

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Not that I'm encouraging you to gain weight, but...

...the fact that you're struggling with 5 or 6 kilos of stuff in bags does not mean that you'd be incapacitated if you weighed 5 or 6 kilos more.

With weight gain, the weight is distributed more evenly (it isn't hanging off your hands or your shoulders), and you also get a bit more muscle to help move the weight around.

Don't get me wrong: you would notice a difference. It's just that it wouldn't be quite as dramatic as you think.

(I've lost some weight, and if someone gave me bags of stuff that weighed the same amount as I had lost (some 35 kilos), there is no way I would be able to carry it all upstairs in one trip.)

10 floors, though. That's good exercise! (And excellent practice in case of blackouts.)

Re: Not that I'm encouraging you to gain weight, but...

haha!! yeah, i'm sure you're right. But it sure is a good deterrent! :o)

(wooo! 35 kilos!!!! that's amazing! i'm gonna see if i can do... 6.)


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