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It feels like I've done nothing but eat today. Spicy tom yum noodles for brunch. And a handful of salt & vinegar chips. And a few mini chocolate chip & pecan cookies. And another piece of chocolate. Then for dinner (which really wasn't long afterward because I only crawled out of bed at 1pm) I had shark (yes, SHARK... it was cheaper than regular fish) and grilled asparagus. And another cookie. And then a couple hours later (well, I hope it was at least a few hours) I had another craving for something sweet and had a slice of bread with chocolate-hazelnut spread.

It's WEIRD! I haven't eaten so much in ages. Or felt like I've eaten so much.

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you ate shark? vhye?! shark eater you! *waves fists*


Re: you...

at least we know where the rest of the shark is used for...

beats letting it die in the sea without its fins, right? -.-"



i never, as a rule, buy shark fin, for purely humanitarian reasons since most of the sharks are left to drown, etc, etc. But shark meat... it means the thing was killed outright, which I really can't object to. Same way i'll eat goose but not touch foie gras. It's the meanness that i object to, not the killing (provided that we actually eat the animal... so unless you eat elephant meat, killing em just for ivory and hide is naughty too.)


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