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Movie Review

I watched Wimbledon today - the movie starring Paul Bettany (yay!) as a charming loser of a British professional tennis player who falls in love with Kirsten Dunst (pfft!) a psychotic but rather successful American tennis player.

It was cute.






Paul Bettany was really the only thing worth watching, along with his hilarious family (it's King Theoden!!!)... and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who played his German buddy... well, actually, just about everyone was okay except Kirsten Dunst. Now, I have nothing against Dunst personally, but she was just flat and boring and awful here. Parts of her dialogue sounded tremendously fake and stilted (like they'd re-recorded the voices and she'd decided to speak in the manner of an actor from a middle school production of Guys and Dolls or something.) And what is UP with Sam Neill's terrible American accent?! It was so forced and so... deliberate... and not even very accurate, for all its deliberation.

So yeah. It was fun. I'm a tennis addict and can watch it for hours, so this was fun for me. But UGH what is wrong with Kirsten Dunst?! I grow increasingly frustrated when I think about how awful she was. I used to think she wasn't too bad. Now I fear that she'll become another Drew Barrymore, speaking and acting the exact same way in every movie she makes, using the same facial expressions, the same cloying, irritating pouts and giggles...


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