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I was feeling light and happy today. And as I walked through the campus, I kept noticing lovely people. I saw a girl wearing a really cool cowboy hat. I wanted to stop her in the hallway and compliment her on her fabulous hat, but I chickened out.

And then on the way to Psycholinguistics, I saw a Muslim girl totally covered (long skirt, long sleeves, headscarf), but she was so put together and... well, grand, standing totally still as I approached and walked past, like a beautiful statue. She was the epitome of how someone can be totally beautiful and attractive without an ounce of sluttiness. Her long-sleeved top was fitted and black, and her long narrow skirt had this dramatic black and red design across it that curled around her body. And her black headscarf, draped around her head and neck, had funky crimson flowers and swirls. She was all flowing lines and dramatic colors... so statuesque, standing there all fabulous... I was really impressed and for a moment wanted to compliment her too, but didn't because she'd probably think I was a freak. You just don't do that here.

And it was great when I walked past her and saw that in one hand she was holding... a motorcycle helmet. A really pretty one, too.

I felt strangely inspired.

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