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The Weight
This Apple PowerBook G4 weighs a TON.

And I'll be bringing it to school tomorrow, along with a videocam so we can record our Bluetooth presentation thing for goodness knows what reason.

And I'll need to bring the Purpose Driven Life book as well, coz I'm leading the discussion at uni cell group tomorrow evening.

And let's not forget the brick of a Psycholinguistics text.

Sometimes I feel like I carry too much with me everywhere I go, in my bag. Say, on a regular school day without textbooks or laptops or videocameras, I'll have:

- CD player
- half a bottle of water
- pencil case/pens/paperclips/thumbdrive
- bus guide
- diary/planner
- keys
- small makeup bag
- cardigan
- mints
- mobile phone
- spare mobile battery
- wallet (with money, cards, coins, etc)
- A4 binder with my notes, etc.

And I'm not sure if it's because I'm a terrible packer, but it always seems like my bag is always BIG and HEAVY.

Or is it just because I'm small and short?

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Small and short. I have always had the same problem, Yoj. Honestly. I was always the smallest kid in my class, and when I started attending schools with assigned lockers, I always seemed to get one I could use (either couldn't reach or didn't lock). My mom thinks I'm going to develop scoliosis from all those years dragging a big bag around, full of everything.

...and your Mom is probably right.
Research into children's back problems here shows that it invariably starts with lugging around heavy bags incorrectly.
Backpacks or those trolley things on wheels should be voted "cool", so that kids will use them.
(Says me who lugs heavy bags around too. :-/)
I have two, so I try to balance the weight.

I'd believe the research. I'm 25, for pete's sake, and I have back problems. I'd love to get breast reduction surgery, to help with those problems.

My daughter considered that at one stage. But two children later, it has corrected itself...
She still has back problems tho'.
Mine only 'arrived' after pregnancy, and exercises (every night without fail) have stabilised the deterioration. It strengthens the muscles on either side of the spine.

I'm...blessed. The husband, he likes it, but it's not cool being 5'2" and as well endowed as I am. God help me if I ever get pregnant. I'll tip over forward.

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