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I got a birthday card in the MAIL from carida_46!!!! MAIL!! REAL SNAIL MAIL!!!


Thanks, carida_46!!! *HUG*

(The internet has made real post extraordinarily cool!)

In other birthday-related news, Mother is baking her famous water-sponge CHOKLIT cake!!!

Being 21, I am now legally able to:
1. Watch an R-21 movie.
2. Get mawwied without parental consent.
3. Vote. (Hah!)
4. Get forced to pay taxes.


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Is that everything I have to look forward to when I turn 21? ;)

sadly, yes.

unless you're in the UK, then I think you get to operate heavy machinery. Hmm, I think I can do that here too... drive vehicles over 2 tons or summink.

Or you're in the US... then you get to drink. But i've already been doing that legally for 7 years, so lala!


21st used to be this really big day, back when they thought youngsters were a lot less mature than they seem to think now (hah!). all we're left with now are crumbs.

the next birthday i'm looking forward to is 26, then i'll be half my mother's age.




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