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Oddities and photos

Got an essay to write in a hurry!! So I went to the library main shelves for the first time this semester and borrowed FOUR books! I was amazed. Some of the books in the library are really cool. Anyway, something odd happened in class today. I was talking to some friends about how I hadn't done a scrap of work for this essay on battlefield tactics and strategy in the Vietnam War and how I was getting worried coz I had no idea what to do...

And then at the end of the class, one of the guys (whom I barely know - I had to ask his name half an hour before) turned and handed me a page of notes on Vietnam battlefield tactics and strategy that he'd just written. It was surprising and rather sweet. But kinda odd... in a nice way, of course.

In more interesting news, I have a new scanner/printer!! And it just so happens that Mother is in town and brought a load of old baby/kiddie photos!!


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