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I went to bed last night at 4am, mainly because I was up watching Due South with Godsister, who has effectively become an addict. Paul Gross is lovely. Anyhoo, I was supposed to get up at 10.30am so I could get showered, dressed, fed, and out the door by 11.30 so I'd arrive at school at 1pm in time for my Psycholinguistics group meeting.

Now, we're supposed to be on a mid-semester break at the moment...

The school administration, eating their words about how "mid-semester breaks will be permanently removed in order to align ourselves more effectively with our foreign partner universities" after much protest from, well, everyone, has given it back to us. It's a "five day" break, but being morons and/or spiteful, they've decided that since Saturday is still officially a "school day" (until the government's newly written 5-day work week policy kicks in) our vacation goes like this: Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And BACK TO SCHOOL ON FRIDAY. For ONE DAY.

This has seriously messed up everybody's schedule, and academic staff are hopping mad, not to mention the rather irate students, most of whom don't have classes on Saturday anyway. And because of the screwy timetable that nobody knows how to manage, most of us end up going back to school during this period anyway because lecturers don't know when to schedule their midterm tests, or when to set deadlines, etc., so students still end up going into school. (This is why I had to go and give the Bluetooth presentation yesterday, which was supposed to be a vacation day.)

SO, back to the story at hand. I crawled out of bed at 11am (my blackout curtains are rather effective), showered, and was only half-dressed at 11.30am. I was going to be LATE.

But then...

*rrrrring rrrring*

"Joy! Are you in school yet?"
"Are you at home?"
"Yeah... actually, I think I'm gonna be--"
"Meeting's canceled!"


Not that I don't really love psycholinguistics, but:

*funky chicken dance*

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