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"Blynx: Bluetooth Solutions"
I feel pretty today.

I'd been feeling rather less-than-pretty for the past couple days because my hair is growing into an uncontrollable black mop and my skin is missing my dermatologist's abuse...

But today I felt pretty. All dressed up for my group's presentation where we pitched an idea for a new business startup involving Bluetooth tech stuff... I designed the logo for our company (a blue lynx! Gorgeous cat!) and my hair was behaving nicely (hairsprayed and very carefully mussed. The rock-chick thing works quite well with the mop), black 1920s-ish heels... and Clinique's pressed powder is really quite good.


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Oh, Yoj, I think you're adorable and pretty. First time I saw a pic of you, I thought you were pretty. Seriously.

By the way, where are you in university at?

Awww! Thank you, honey!

Hmmm. I should write these "Oh I Feel So Ugly" entries more often... I get lal these lovely people saying I'm pretty! *bounce*

I'm going to the National Uni of Singapore. Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences... we're the only faculty that needs to include the "Faculty" in our acronym (FASS)... bwahahahahahaaa!


I feel pretty today.

But you eez pretty all the time...?????

Danger is my middle name

Well, don't we like to think so... but heh, prolly knot.


Trust an expert on this one, will ya?

Danger is my middle name

re: I feel pretty

dou you also feel witty and gay?
and did you sell many blue teeth?

Re: I feel pretty

Indeed I felt pretty and witty and gay. And i pitied any girl who wasn't me yesterday.

As for the presentation, it was a preliminary "Idea Generation" round, where we ran the idea by our lecturer and peers who would give us feedback for developing it for the final pitch to venture capital folks at the end of the semester. It did pretty well and the feedback was good! the lecturer (who's actually a business consultant by day) liked it, so that made us happy. :)


;-) I thought that 'uncontrollable' look was all the rage...

indeedy it is... but my hair is pretty fine so it goes yucky and flat easily, so it goes uncontrollable some places and dead limp at others... *shudder*

It's a nightmare! NOT fashionably messy atoll!


yeah I know. I've been battling that all my life. I have mine permed. My Mum's looks like pudding basin - it's how she likes it. Mine would go the same if I let it, so I spend a lot of time and money making it go 'my way'. Mousse is pretty good for perking up the perm. And I leave the conditioner in my hair without washing it out - that gives it body and lift (and seems to keep the headlice at bay which is a major risk in my job :-/).

Yay for feeling pretty!

First off, I'm with Myng on this one. You're pretty.

But I know what you mean about feeling pretty. Those times that you know you're looking good. And that gives you confidence that makes you look even better. And it all just clicks.

A blue lynx logo? Any chance of letting us see it?

Re: Yay for feeling pretty!

Wheee, thank you! *curtsey* Well, I certainly feel pretty now!
/me fofers CHOKLIT lal around

as fro the logo, here we go:


Re: Yay for feeling pretty!

Oh, very nice!

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