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18th Century Political Ravings

So our midterm test task was to imagine that the framers of the Constitution were transported in time to the 21st Century and to write "an essay" from their perspective about the evolution of the American political system and comment about how it holds up, taking into account 'original intent' and all that.

So I started out writing a nice little "essay" by Alexander Hamilton about the enlargement of federal responsibilities in economics in the 21st Century... and it suddenly turned into a deranged rant about how the political system had become NOTHING like I'd pictured and what a disappointing bunch of politically apathetic dingdongs the American public had become, and went off on a tangent about the tyranny of the masses and the evil news media.

I can't help it sometimes. My pen just runs away and I can't stop it. And the sad thing is that I was consciously thinking the whole time that this essay had taken a drastically wrong turn, but I just didn't know how to stop the raving 18th Century man inside me.

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