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I'm Especially Good At Expectorating

When I was a lad I ate 4 dozen eggs
Ev'ry morning to help me get large
And now that I'm grown I eat 5 dozen eggs
So I'm roughly the size of a BAAAARGE!!!

I went to Disney's Beauty and the Beast on Ice today with CousinH. It was fun! Although it was kinda weird because it was held at the Singapore Expo, and that venue is just... well, too big. It was just weird, like somebody had put a skating rink in the middle of a warehouse and stuck bleachers on the sides. Weird. But the sets were gorgeous, and the skating was luverly, and Gaston was the best, as usual. He's my favorite in the movie, and he was my favorite on ice. Really, all the other characters in BatB are boring. Belle is pretty, smart, etc. The Beast is troubled and angsty. The various talking houshold appliances are cute but ultimately dull. Gaston RAWKS. And he has all the cool sight gags... the physical comedy with his sidekick and explosions and gunshots and dead animals falling from the ceiling and sparks and EXPLODING SPIT. That was very cool. And let's not forget that his character demands that he's the skater with the most powerful moves (since the Beast can't really do a triple lutz in his huge furball costume) so really, he's the most impressive, physically present guy around for two hours. So yeah. Gaston's always been the coolest.

Oh, and I bought a gorgeous quilted bedspread for $45... it's quilted batik! Quilting + Batik = Double Yay! It's got that whole old-fashioned "country" feel that comes with quilting (and embroidery and cross-stitch), plus the cool Asian/tropical flavor of batik. Tres cool. I am HAPPY.

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