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Here we go!
I'm off to go see my new flat in ten minutes. Yay! Making plans for decorating, renovations, etc. Ooooooooh. How fun and grown-up sounding. Oooh, Mother's in town for a whole month!! Yay! She listened to my song and cried. Oops.

But ANYWAY. Now we're going to see the new place! Yay!

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Bubble-warming at Yowie's place!

Have a great move, Yoj.

That just means yer moomy loved the song.


Just as well you've got your Mum for a whole month. You'll need her help to fill the pantry... and work out the budget!
Decorating? Shucks. Our first place was filled with whatever we could pick up cheap from the auctions. It was comfortable, old, and nothing matched.
I'm sure the tears were for your lovely song -yoj, rather than a 'sad' thing. Mums are like that.

Heh, she's decided she's going to foot the bill for everything now, since she owns the place... I think she doesn't want any complications if she decides to sell the place in the future (e.g. "You can't sell, Mom!! I paid for the new flooring/paint/plumbing!")... bwaha!

We've decided to renovate the bathrooms and electrical work and install air-conditioning, so there's gonna be quite a lot of work... not sure if she'll be here for a whole month any more, because she intended to stay if the flat was kindasorta livable (and now she can't move in because you can't live with half-built toilets)... so she may go somewhere on a holiday for a week or two while the work's being done. Maybe. :o)


Oh wow! Lucky girl. You get to choose your colours? And she's probably right. It could get sorta complicated if you 'own' bits of it.

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