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Why is it that when you dye your hair, your scalp doesn't get stained but your ears and hairline and neck do (if you're not careful)? I have a little faint grey splot on my right temple, but my scalp is bright and white.

Oh yeah, I dyed my hair black. I got tired of that brownish mistake that I'd been having. (A mistake coz it was supposed to go violet-black, but lightened my hair and went brown instead.) So now I've got a shiny new mop of jet black hair! Yay!

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Maybe because your scalp had oil on't?

but i'd just washed my hair/head before i stuck the dye on! (coz it required clean&dry hair, and i had hairspray and gunk in it, so i washed it frist.) or is the skin quality of scalp-skin different and less porous? coz oil couldn't *rilly* have been it coz it was a freshly washed un-oily scalp! Unless scalps have lots of built in oil...

and i applied heavy moisturizer (didn't have vaseline) to my hairline in order to prevent it getting stained, but it still managed to get accidentally dyed. Grrr!


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