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My throat started getting sore yesterday afternoon. I'm not sure if it was the rancid fried thing I ate before I had a piece of cake, but anyway. It was getting a little scratchy. But no worries, I figured it'd go away soon enough, so I just drank tea and water and went out for the evening with Cathryn (YAY SHE'S HERE FROM BANGKOK!!! IT'S HER FIRST TIME ON THE SPORE!!). It was really fun and we went to The Soup Restaurant, where we had Chinese herbal soup and veggies (very healthy) and lot of tea. We talked nonstop and then watched The Bourne Supremacy (MATT DAMON IS LUVERLY) and then went home at midnight. It was fun, but my throat was still kinda sore and painful...

And then NIGHT CAME.

I couldn't swallow, I couldn't breathe properly, and I couldn't sleep. I crawled out of bed every hour to have a sip of water or a lozenge or a spoonful of sticky herbal syrup that gave some temporary relief, but basically I didn't really fall asleep until about 7am. (And then the phone rang at 9am, and an electrician rang the doorbell incessantly at 10am... and and and and... ARGH!!!)

And I have band practise tomorrow. I suppose I could just whisper a bit and get away with it since we only play for real on Saturday, but still....!!


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Welcome to Cat!
Dknot plot naz hobbit-traskings!




Welcome to Cat!
Dknot plot naz hobbit-traskings!

dknot wrroz, we noly plotted the capture of Mattus Damonus.


/me hands -yoj a pot of honey...and some eucalyptus drops.

/me slurps and sucks noisily.


y'know, it goes to show how messed up I was yesterday that I thought I had band practice today (yesterday's tomorrow), when actually it's tomorrow (today's tomorrow.) Hmmph.

nazwaz, lots of herbal tea and self medication (Danzen! i wuv serrapeptase!) has helped greatly and I can nearly swallow without pain now! Zaz!


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