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Well, here I am!
I met a friend today who said I didn't post often enough in my LJ! So here goes!!

I've just watched the first voting round of Singapore Idol and in the words of Charlie Brown: AAAAUUUUUUUGGHH!!! I am so disappointed with our contestants. There were a couple who I thought were pretty good, but in general, for only 2 out of 10 people to be actually GOOD is pretty pathetic. I mean, if you watch the top 32 of Murkian Idle, even though there are only a few really spectacular singers, just about all of them are more or less good-ish. Not so for our Singaporean singers. I mean, I think one of them even said he only practised in the shower (I think he said that... I lost interest and kinda spaced out...)

I think that's the problem I have with Singaporean Idol. It just seems that a huge majority of the contestants (even those who made it to the top 30) have absolutely no experience performing. Sure, every show will draw its fair share of wannabes, but it's like even the better singers here seem like they're a bunch of kids who grew up secretly wishing they were pop stars and singing in the shower but never really doing anything about it until this stupid TV show came along.

Then again, I suppose it just shows how small the music scene is here... the only way you can get a shot at being a singer is if you audition for a bunch of snotty judges who are obviously trying their hardest to be mean just so they can be loved like Simon Cowell. Hey, if a nobody like me can get a call to audition to be a ghost singer for an MTV production (*puke*, I didn't go) that must say something about how tiny our pool of talent is. Scary.

But we're a small city. I guess it's to be expected. So, being a good democratic participant of society (since this might be the only time a Singaporean's vote means anything... *snort*) I cast my vote for David Yeo, just because he sang "Open Arms" and has a great non-whiny voice and a cheery disposition (like Mary Poppins.)

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It wouldn't all have anything to do with the fact that Singapore is..well.. a bit on the smallish side?

as Mia said somewhere else: Read, man!

I wrote: "But we're a small city. I guess it's to be expected."

On another note, your Polish Idol was really odd! But that snotty judge is a real laugh.


puke with ya

hmmm. haha, i don't think that the singapore idol is heading anywhere. let's say if one of them who will win the title and a contract, so what? don't tell me that they are gonna hit international. (S)he will soon fade out. keke.

okie, i am very skeptical about it, but ain't it true? Haha. i can't really remember anyone in asia hit the international chart ( Coco Lee failed tremendously. does Sun Ho count? Tata Young is still trying).

Yeah yoj, I agree that the music scene in asia is too small. and like you, i was really disappointed. look at the others, eg american's top 30, they can sing and hold a tune or two. but us? sorry. Keke. And yes, my vote goes to David Yeo!

I haven't watched ours' this time around until the other night. There's just a few left and they all sound
Not bad, but not 'different' either.

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