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I think Josh Dodes' Parker Street may just be the most romantic song ever. There's something awful and sad about it. It makes me feel all melancholy, but it's lovely.

Got a little bit of ache in my knees
'cause they're shaking inside these tuxedo pants
I came to see you getting married
Your ghost may be buried
You asked if I'd save a dance
and now I'm trembling all over
Trying to stay cool inside
Looking over my shoulder
for that funeral ride

Saving songs for you,
Well, that's the one thing I do well
And losing hold of you, this time
Is gonna hurt like hell
Cause all this past with you
It's over much too soon
So tonight let's dance
Back to Parker Street

Well, i remember that night,
Van the Man at the light
We were dancing in time in our separate cars
And all the people on their ride
Well, they couldn't quite decide
If it was planned
Or maybe made in the stars
And sometimes i still wonder
If love can last through time
'Cause baby, that star we fell under...

I think I'd better get rolling
Our moment was stolen
And anyway, I still can't dance
It was really good to see you - you look great
And he's a lucky man
'Cause for him there's no hurry
There's just this long sweet ride
And as for me, don't worry
'Cause I've got this wedding band inside
and it's

Saving songs for you
Well, this is it, honey
So fare thee well
And losing hold of you
Well, it hurts like hell
But after all these years
It's just as well
'Cause all this past with you
It's over much too soon
Even if we never danced
Back to Parker Street.

I think it's a hormonal thing... aaaaaaugh!

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