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I don't watch a lot of anime at all. After Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) stopped showing on cable, I more or less lost interest. I'm not really a genre fan, if you get what I mean. I like certain sci-fi shows/stories/movies because I like them as stories/movies/etc., not because they're sci-fi particularly. Same applies to anime. I liked Samurai X because I liked it as a story. I even liked You're Under Arrest. But I'm not particularly into anime for the sake of anime. (Read: I don't consider myself an anime fangirl.)

But here's what I do like about nearly ALL anime: the Music. They have just incredible soundtracks. It fascinates me... how they take their entertainment so seriously. It's amazing.

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The husband and I are such anime fans, it's not funny. I can't even really watch American cartoons anymore. After the honesty and the depth and surreality and the wildness and the music (you're right, Yoj, the music is always AWESOME) and the skill of anime, other cartoons pale for me.

I'm addicted to anime. When I'm bored with what we have and we're too broke to rent anything, I force the husband to play "Parasite Eve" and the Final Fantasies, just so I can get a fix.

I'm an anime junkie, and proud of it!

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