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Well, I found out where the money came from.... checked my transaction history again, and it was updated. The money came from...

The Government!!

And apparently I can't count properly, because they gave me $1,023.23, not $800. It just says "deposit by CPF Board". (CPF = "Central Provident Fund" - Sporean social security/pension thingy.)

But why?

How puzzling. Oh well, I'll take it as an early birthday present.

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you haven't signed nay strange documents, have you?
or bet your soul at a game of cards?

no... AUGH. although some laliens visited the other day. they promised me great riches.


laliens are nothing to worry about.
some of my best friends are laliens.


tsk. why doesn't CPF deposit some cash in mine? -thinks real hard- -van

they like me BETTER!!!!! nyaaaa nyaaaa!!! ;)


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