September 13th, 2009


Working 2 jobs... hard work!

After tomorrow's wedding, P & I will have shot 3 weddings in 8 days.


If we were expensive photographers, we'd be RICH.

Too bad we're pretty cheap (at the moment).

Time to raise the prices, methinks!

I really must start posting in LJ again... haven't done it in awhile! Too many things to look at and do online.

Brief summary of the past few months:
- P had a couple of gout attacks. Not nice.
- Lots of weddings.
- Spring is here in Sydney. Yay!
- We acquired a new fridge, which is so big I can fit my whole body into the freezer side. It's huge and looks absurd in our tiny kitchen. Oh well.
- We got a new camera: Canon 5D MkII. Yay!
- Same old same old at work.
- Got rid of the Honda Civic and got an older model Audi A4. Automatic, so I can drive it stress-free. I've told P that this is the last time we're changing cars, because it's getting ridiculous and is an awful waste of time and money. Since we've been together (3+ years) he has changed cars FOUR times!

Not much to report, really.

Oh, we're being good children and eating more veggies, if anyone's interested. We actually get a box delivered to our house now.

Well that's all for now, I think.