May 30th, 2009


Date Night!

Friday Night + Payday = Date night.

Well, most Friday nights are Date Nights... even if it's a DVD at home.

Anyhoo, tonight P and I had a very conventional "date". Dinner and a movie. Oh aren't we old fashioned?

Dinner at Black Stump. It was disappointing. The shared entree was okay, but the mains... left much to be desired. Ribs were dry and stringy. "Grilled" fish was fried to death, not even grilled. My side of "buttered vegetables" were just unseasoned boiled vegetables in a cold bowl. The only upside were the chips (fries) which were quite good, although that might have been simply compared to the rest of my disappointing and thoroughly unsatisfying meal. And it cost nearly just as much as Outback, which, although it isn't my favorite place to eat by any means, seemed miles ahead in terms of food and service. And we nearly went to Outback, but decided to try Black Stump since I'd never been and Paul hadn't been to a Black Stump since he was a kid. BAD decision. Oh well... live and learn.

Movie: Night At the Museum 2. I really did enjoy it. Except for the fact that there were about twenty 15-year olds running around the cinema and yelling at each other and swapping seats and running up and down the aisles... I enjoyed the movie anyway. I really wanted to trip one up or slap one or something... but fear of retribution from the other nineteen hormone-charged 15-year olds caused me to hold back and concentrate on the Ben Stiller's squinty face.

P is going to pick up our dryer tomorrow morning!! We bought it last week but need to borrow the in-laws' car to pick it up, since it won't fit into our little Civic. YAY we're getting a dryer that I can de-lint my towels in!! And there's nothing like putting on warm socks and jammies just before jumping into bed... Mmmmmm.......
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look deeper

Oh I forgot to add...

P and I went to the Blue Mountains a couple weeks ago for the annual staff retreat.

Relaxing. And COLD. Like 5 degrees. Brrrr.

Blue Mountains

That's me on one of the walking trails near the hotel. I got to wear my nice comfy Uggs. Yay!
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