January 7th, 2009



Ok so I'm a week late. Deal.

I like Australia over the Christmas/New Year period. Everyone stops working and just relaxes for a week and a half. The whole country literally ceases to work.

And everyone gets fat.

Anyhoo. I'm finally back to work, and OH MY GOODNESS it is stressful. Having to deal with the students who left last year, dealing with the new students arriving, catching up on all the financial stuff from the past 2 weeks, gritting my teeth while talking with nitpicky, condescending landlords, negotiating with real estate agents... and all with the deadline of 12 January, when all the new students start pouring in and wanting homes, and when I'll no longer have time to actually FIND them homes, because I'll have to be dealing with them face to face and placating their parents on the phone.

I nearly had a tearful breakdown in the office yesterday at my desk. I was teetering.

But then when I was just about to crack, I decided to reach out and ask for help from a bunch of people. And then I felt so much better.

Monday was the worst.

Tuesday was better.

Today was better-er.

Hopefully tomorrow will be even better-er.