December 11th, 2008



Guess what!?

We bought a house!!!

Everything is finally settled and we have the keys and it's OURS!!

It's kinda strange because they evicted the tenants (who had more than 3 months notice that they needed to move out) and because the tenants had nowhere to go, they are now guests of our next door neighbors... and apparently they'll be there for a couple weeks waiting for their new place to settle.

So it's kinda weird because the people who were forced to move out of our house now live next door as our neighbors' houseguests, while we haven't moved in yet, because we need some time to organize the new floors and painting, etc... so they're living in cramped conditions next door while their old house is sitting empty.

And it's a duplex, so they're literally next door, sharing a wall.

Slightly awkward.

Anyhoo - other than that little tidbit of weirdness, IT'S ALL VERY EXCITING.

New floors! New paint!! YAY!!

The house smells a bit funny. Hopefully ripping out the old carpet will fix that.