November 20th, 2008


House stuff

Our landlord won't release us 3 weeks early from our current lease, so we'll have to pay a mortgage AND rent for around 4 weeks, once we get our new place. BOOOO. Money's going to be tight!! Oh well, at least we've been approved to get that first home buyer's grant ($14,000 yay!), so that should help with our living costs, although we don't know when that money actually comes. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for it. And I guess it gives us move overlap time to paint and renovate the house before the furniture goes in.

We're in the process of checking out new flooring options. The house is fully carpeted at the moment and that's probably not the best idea in the long run, so we're looking at putting wood laminate floors in the living areas and re-carpeting the stairs and upstairs bedrooms. Renovating is fun! (Or as they say in Australia, "reno"!)

Not much else to update. Work is getting busy - end of semester madness as students move in and out of housing... the rent, the bills, the suspensions, the begging and pleading...

Oh well. Off to bed.