November 11th, 2008


Who woulda thunk?!

So it turns out that Katy "I kissed a girl" Perry used to be Katy "gospel singer" Hudson, back in 2001. And you know what? I have that album! I have the 'Christian pop' album that she released as a teenager!!

I've just popped it back on to give it a listen, and you know, I like it (like cherry chapstick). It was a pretty good album back then, and it's still a good album. There's something funny going on with the actual mixing (too many high frequencies - sounds a little tinny) but the actual music is good, and the vocals are great. She had stack of talent for a 16 year old. I wonder if her old "Katy Hudson" album will fetch anything on eBay?

I thought Katy Perry was an interesting little character, and now I'm even more intrigued, knowing that I actually used to LIKE her music 7 years ago. I remember watching her perform a set of songs when she was promoting her first album... singing and playing her guitar in a church! I was impressed, and went out to buy her album.

Now I might even go buy her "I kissed a girl" album (whatever it's called)... I am highly interested in exploring her transformation... and her attention-seeking songs.

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