October 24th, 2008



I've had a recent obsession with bruschetta. On days that I don't feel like cooking and we're not eating out (once or twice a week) I've been forsaking the instant noodles and going crazy with the bruschetta.

I now specifically buy tomatoes every week to feed my bruschetta cravings, and have loaves of "Italian bread" in the freezer so I'll never run out. And oh - the goat's cheese.... and I can't believe the amount of raw garlic I can eat now, scraped across crusty toast.

It's such a quick, tasty meal!! And I really know how much my hubby loves me, because he'll still kiss me even though I reek of raw garlic. It's quite amazing how long the taste of raw garlic stays with you....

So I'm quite enjoying my new obsession. Fast + cheap (except the goat's cheese) + healthy + testament to twoo wuv.