October 6th, 2008


Ooooh gadgetry!

So P got a free monitor from work (people upgrade their computers, and there are just leftover LCD monitors that hang around... so they get to take them home or give them away - yay!) so I hooked it up to my iMac. Granted, it's a Lenovo (yech)... and it looks like a little baby next to my huge iMac (an ugly baby too), but hey - it's a SECOND SCREEN!

So now when I edit photos I can see the effect on a large version at the same time. One of the most annoying things is editing something zoomed into 200% so you have control over the finer details, only to realize when you zoom out to view the total effect that you've turned a person into a weirder version of themselves, rather than the prettier, rockstar version that you were aiming for. Or that you've removed their nostrils.

Anyhoo - I also got me a 500GB MyBook Studio Edition external hard drive so that I can back up all the photos. I realized it was kinda risky having only 1 copy of everything...

So yay! New screen & new hard drive! All hooked up and running!

My inner geek is feeling celebratory.
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