October 3rd, 2008


Fingers crossed.....

P and I are doing our first paid wedding shoot tomorrow (yay!) but the forecast is for rain, and it's an outdoor wedding!! Yoikes!

It's 11pm now, and thunder is rumbling outside... uh oh...

Well, we'll still get paid anyway, since obviously the wedding is still going to go ahead, so we can still document that... but boy is it gonna be a letdown if it rains. The poor things.

Please please please don't rain tomorrow!!

On another note, it has been ridiculously hot and humid for the past 2 days in Sydney. THIRTY SIX degrees (97 F)!! And this, straight after months of unchanging 15 C (around 60 F) days... I mean, there's nothing technically wrong with a 36 degree day... but jumping 20 degrees in 1 day is just crazy. I didn't get enough time to dig out my summer clothes!!

Here's hoping for a less-hot and non-rainy day tomorrow...
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