September 3rd, 2008



So I've just spent the last 4 days in the bathroom. Either puking or, um, y'know, using the toilet for the other end....

Since Sunday morning I've had horrendous stomach cramps, plagued by vomiting and ok, diarrhea, and chills, and just feeling BAD. Like, really, really...... bad.

To top it off, P also came down with a high fever on Monday and flu-ey symptoms, so we were a pretty pathetic pair on the couch. And every time I felt better, P's fever would come back, and every time he felt better, I would be hauling off to the bathroom again...

Gastroenteritis - I hates thee!!

And on Sunday we were photographing a friend's wedding reception, so even though we were happy to be there and celebrating with them, I felt like puking and/or collapsing the whole time... and it was annoying because the food was really good!!! But I could barely eat a bite because I felt like hurling the whole night.

We've been trying to make each other feel better when we could, but with TWO sick people, everything has been a big ball of yuck for the past 4 days. I couldn't even keep a single rehydration drink down, so the only way I could keep from puking yesterday evening was to go to bed empty and sleep for 13 hours straight.

ANYHOO. I'm pretty good now, considering how awful the past couple days have been.
With P's gout consuming last week, and both our illness consuming this week so far, things can only get better from here!! It has been a very, very physically trying fortnight.

Thursday here we come!!
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