July 28th, 2008



We have internet up and running in our apartment!!!

It's been 3 weeks without internet at home!!

That's a record for me, I think.

And because it's been so crazy busy at work I haven't had time to check my personal email... and no Facebook.... no LJ.... and no MSN or iChat....

It's been weird being so disconnected, but nice... in a way. Watching TV, unpacking books onto our nice bookshelves (YAY my old friends are all out and on display again, after living in boxes for the past couple years), breaking in our new cookware (new cast iron wok YAY!) (first time using the cast iron casserole dish YAY!) (oiling my new cutting boards...), stocking the pantry (instant noodles galore!), doing laundry... and generally being Little Miss (Missus) Domestic.

Oooh and our new couch is absolutely lovely. Snuggly and cushy. It arrived yesterday and it's soooo nice and cushy and soft. And it folds out to a bed for those all-night movie marathons. Wheee!!