March 20th, 2008


Am I getting old??

P & I went to a gig at The Basement on Monday night. The Basement is one of those prestigious live venues in Sydney that jazz bands and musical-artists-whose-fans-like-to-think-of-themselves-as-"aficionados"-or-at-least-know-what-"aficionado"-means choose to play at. So the venue was PACKED with thirty- and fortysomethings and the stray twentysomething (P & myself feeling intimidated), mingling and sipping drinks and waiting for the music. Waiting for the MUSIC!!

Up first was Raul Midon, someone I admire greatly and really the reason that we bought tickets in the first place. Too bad he was only the opening act (30-40 mins), but it was worth it, and the couple we went with (Shaun & Rachelle) really loved it. Then came the main act, the Maceo Parker Band.

Now don't get me wrong, I love good music, and I love funk/jazz and appreciate a good jam session as much as the next musichead, but.... HOW LONG CAN YOU PLAY ONE SONG FOR?!?! The Maceo Parker Band were amazing and I absolutely loved them, but if you're going to play one continuous jam, stop repeating the same stupid line the whole night long! Garrrgh... we got there at 9:00pm, the gig started at 9:30, and we only got out of the place at around 1:15am. Now maybe I'm just a grumpy old woman, but 1:15am is just ridiculous... Especially when you actually ended your concert at midnight and came back for an ENCORE at 12.10....


I must be getting old.
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