March 9th, 2008


Colour 08

Just finished Colour Conference 2008.... Really fun! I was a delegate for the first time so I got to sit in all of the sessions and listen to the likes of Bobbie Houston, Louie Giglio, J. John, and Priscilla Shirer. Priscilla Shirer was really great! Impressive. And Marilyn Skinner told us lots of exciting news from her projects in Uganda.

And P and I now have a sponsor child with Compassion International! She's a little girl from Indonesia. Paul wanted a boy, but I picked up the girl's card first and felt bad "swapping" kids to sponsor when honestly they are all just as deserving as the other...

Is it evil to not want to sponsor one child in favour of another?? I couldn't decide if it was or not, so I just sponsored the kid, since I didn't have a preference, really. Isn't that a bit like saying you need to 'design' the child you are going to love? Anybody? Hmmm.

Bobbie onstage