February 14th, 2008


V-Day recap

1. Went to work as usual. Lots of stock. Computers. iPods messed up. Nonstop phonecalls. Insane customers who insist on telling long stories about how their iPods don't work even though you told them at the beginning of the conversation that of course they don't work, seeing as that they haven't put any music on them yet. And that they need to actually install iTunes. ARGH. O natural selection, where are you....?!

2. Got a dozen roses from P.

3. Home-cooked dinner at home... grilled salmon and asparagus, chicken in honey mustard sauce, rice, and lots of our favorite drink: Ribena!

4. Gave P his present: Rollercoaster Tycoon for his shiny new MacBook Pro. He's been wanting it for some bizarre reason, so I got it for him. He's happy.

No particular reason for Overpriced Chocolate Day (aka Singleness Awareness Day), but I suppose it's nice to just have the excuse to be be a bit more cuddly than usual.
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