December 10th, 2007



Massive hailstorm in Sydney!! Golf-ball sized chunks came pelting down and totally covered the roads in ice. Lots of trees came crashing down, taking power lines out, along with traffic lights and whatnot. It was really quite spectacular.

P & I were at Towers (the mall where I work) and there was a total blackout, so they told everyone to evacuate... which meant one of the largest shopping centres in the area had to empty itself onto streets with no traffic lights and covered with tree branches... which meant CONGESTION. We were stuck in an internal traffic jam just trying to get out for more than an hour (it was okay though - I got out in the pitch darkness and took cool pictures with all the car lights, and then we played I Spy...) and then another 30-40 minutes trying to navigate the roads to get the church, dodging debris and blocked roads. So a journey that usually takes 10mins took us 1hr 40mins. It was madness!!