December 4th, 2007



I am now officially graduated from Hillsong International Leadership College! Even though I've been out for 6 months, we only officially graduate and have the ceremony and get our diplomas at the end of the year... So yeah - had the big ceremony yesterday night. It was fun and loud, as usual.

P & I are gonna be baking tonight... We've been making puff pastry creations. Two weeks ago we made a big batch of curry puffs (beef, potato, onion, curry powder + puff pastry = YUM), tuna puffs (which were reeeally delicious), and then we had leftover puff pastry, so we made Peanut Butter & Banana Puff Triangles (oozy and yummo) and...... Nutella Puffs (YUM!!). They were great for taking to work for breakfast and stuff, so we're gonna make more tonight. Our plans include more nutella ones, plus bacon & cheese... and curry chicken/potato ones too.

Mmmmmm...... Will post pictures!
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It's hailing at the moment, and P went and decided to get me a piece of hail as a present. So as I sit here at the computer, I have a piece of melting ice... and I'm too lazy to go get rid of it. Oh well.